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Are you in a dilemma of how to make your business website attractive? You have come to the best place for Web Designing and Development in India. We provide unparalleled support with website designing and building a website from scratch. With a team of young and success seeking individuals, we promise the best customer support for a website which will hold more traffic than one can hope for on very attractive price.

Codexfly is considered as the best web designing and Development company in india because their web designers know exactly how to build an idle website with attractive web design. These are some key components that every web designer has to consider in order to create a business website: Easy to navigate, Better usage of the brand logo, SEO Friendly. The process of Web design starts with conceptualizing the project which is followed by planning and building a website with an effective layout which consists of factors like colours, structure, text styles, images, graphics and use of interactive features which help your content to pursue your site visitors. Professional Web designing companies such as Codexfly Technology Pvt. Ltd. help you to make your business appear appealing online. At Codexfly, we offer our customers a wide variety of website designing and development services to choose from. Currently, we deal in websites services like,

CMS-Based Websites
CMS or content management system provides a website with the much-needed efficiency, speed and autonomy to manage every single article on the website as per your needs with minimal technical knowledge. A CMS-based website works wonders for someone who wants to keep their website in check from time to time.

Responsive Websites:
A Responsive website has a very flexible and fluid layout design which adjusts to the needs and requirements of the website visitor. As the number of Internet users has risen up for every type of electronic device from Mobile to PC, it is very important to get a Responsive Website designed by professional web designer and developers.
E-Commerce web designing
It is very important to thoroughly research and get a detailed analysis of the product cycle to make an effective E-Commerce Website. Hire our Experts to do the job done for you in an efficient manner and get the potential customer response you desire for your product with additional facilities like ad copy, product descriptions and revenue tracking.

Why settle on Codexfly for web designing and Development services

Because we understand the importance of web designing and seek nothing less than perfection with the use of right layout, colouring scheme and in-depth coding. With Codexfly by your side, you can rest assured of your web designing and Development issues. Here are some points that can clarify the doubts for why seeking for the assistance of a professional web designing and development company is the best decision:
  •   Customer Satisfaction
    A website designed by professional Web designers can help your content to meet the needs of your site visitors by offering them all the needed information in a quick and concise manner. This will help to build a positive impression of your services in the eyes of your prospective customers.
  •   Better traffic
    even if your website has an attractive design with a high-quality user interface, it would not gain traffic that you hope for unless it is coded in an SEO friendly manner.
  •   Avoid unwanted crashes & glitches
    it is fairly easy to lose a customer; therefore, it is of the utmost importance that your website has such a design that does not take lengthy loading time or fail to load images. A professional Web design service will help you to overcome such problems of broken links that will help you to boost your Business.

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Our Web Designing Process

Web designing is all about taking the right step at the right time. We, at Codexfly, work in a very strategic manner. We go through the complete web designing process with a step-by-step approach.

Project Initiation
In this step, we focus upon the collection of data and resources which is followed by the documentation of the material. We choose the best-suited web designing professional as the project manager.
As all the data is gathered by now, in this stage we visualize and do the wireframe work with the help of research and analysis.
This is the step where the visible progress for your website starts. Our designers prepare various Artworks that are later sent for the approval of our clients and one's passed, we begin our work on the HTML development.
In this stage, the spine of the whole website is built as most of the programming work is done in the development stage. Our web designing and coding team prepare codes to make website stable and a CMS is built to back up the website on the server.
Beta Launch
The stage of the Beta launching of the website is very crucial as this is the step where all the codes are uploaded on the website and it is sent to the client for their approval.
As the website makes its way through the beta stage, various browser compatibility tests are done to check quality and control while removing any bugs.
Final Launch
This is the last stage of the web designing; it is this when all the set of codes are transferred to the servers and an SEO friendly website with high-quality UI comes into existence.

Mobile Application Development

Codexfly Technology Develop High Quality Android & iOS applications. We uses latest technologies such as Java, XML, Objective C, Swift, Google Maps, Location Tracking, Facebook SDK, FCM Push Notification, Payment Gateway, etc. to develop mobile applications for your business. Every application that we create are backed by a thorough market research, an in-depth analysis of the required technology stack and a Quality Assurance Process that guarantees its marketability. We develop applications for actuarial and scientific sectors and integrate various apps depending upon the needs of the clients. Our experienced teams are well-versed with the tight deadlines and constantly-changing requirements that are a part and parcel of all mobile application projects With the mix of technical soundness and logical creativity, we develop Android Apps. The apps that have seen more than a million downloads on Google Play Store & Apple Store.
Android mobile Application
Android is a platform which has made possible the use of internet and social media for all kinds of masses. This is one of the reasons why the market share of android is much greater than any other operating system. Android mobile application is the quintessential part of your business. Not only it will help you to reach a great part of the public in one go but also you will get the power to notify all of your consumers in one click. So, if you want to increase the customer satisfaction and your brand's reach then contact us for the best service in Android Mobile application designing and development.
iOS mobile Application
IOS is a platform that has revolutionized the whole marketing and business prospects throughout the world. IOS mobile applications play a great role in increasing the sales and revenue of your business. With an IOS mobile application, you will get the power to reach your customers in a very sophisticated manner which will help you to grow as an enterprise. IOS mobile application experts at codexfly are known for their quality work in the field. We have created tons of IOS mobile application and with our experience, we will offer you the best prospect that you and your business deserve.

UI/UX Design for Web and Mobile applications

Codexfly Technology is a leading UI/UX design company, delivering visually compelling and functional designs to clients across the world.We all know First Impression is the Best Impression. How good may be the app features and functionality, it doesn’t matter if it is not impressive in look and feel. Well-curated UI/UX design has a capability to grab users’ attention, make them loyal users first, and turn them loyal customers next.
UI design is how a product looks, whereas UX design is how it feels. Solid UI design grabs users’ attention with striking app screen and its elements like color pattern, fonts, layout, and illuminated characters, etc. UX Design enriches user satisfaction by enhancing the usability, ease of access, response to the actions and enriches the delight delivered in user interaction with the app. The ultimate goal of solid UI/UX design is to maximize the user experience, by making the interaction simple and effective. This is what every app owner expects from UI/UX app design company.

Why UI/UX design?

Enhanced User Experience is key to bring repeated customers. For example, if the customer is not provided with a notification at the completion of payment, he might feel suspicious about the company. So thoughtful UX design is key in building loyal user base.
If your mobile app is not impressive at first look or not easy to use, users might uninstall the app immediately after the first use. Because they have hundreds of alternative options. So engaging UI design is key in engaging the users.

Benefits of UI/UX Design
  • The more simple and beautiful the UI, the more easy to use the app, which encourages users to use app for a longer time
  • The more effective the UX, the dead easy to bring back users, make them customers and turn them loyal customers
  • Solid UI/UX design creates a long-lasting impression on users and encourage them to share the app with others, through which your app could achieve millions downloads within a short time
  • Solid design can reduce the cost significantly that you spend on branding your business


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